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*Please note: Our Buzz practice has moved. We are still inside the Buzz, just on the edge of the parking lot below the gym.
26 Jul

Stressed and sore? Here’s how we can help!

I carry all my stress in my shoulders’, ‘I have had a headache for the past week – yes, work has been stressful’, ‘I have a stressful deadline coming up, and my lower back has been killing me!’
These are some examples of phrases we often hear in our rooms, and we know these people are not alone. Stress can be a huge cause of muscle and joint pain, especially in the neck, upper and lower back. Since July is mental health awareness month, I thought we could explore how stress can cause muscle pain, and why a visit to your physiotherapist and biokineticist could help you.

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06 Jul

Breathing exercises for anxiety…

Did you know that July is mental health awareness month? Well, now you do!
Due to the stressful times we live in, anxiety is running high in every household. Now more than ever, we need to not only be kind to others, but also to ourselves.
I’m here to tell you about how taking some time to do some simple breathing exercises can help you decrease your anxiety.

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