Health and Wellness
  • Health education programs
  • Health promotion programs
  • Exercise classes
  • Injury prevention

Benefits to you and your company

A happier more productive workforce

Stress reduction

Reduced chance of injury on duty

Less sick leave and time off work for health related issues

Reduced risk of health and safety issues

Sustainable long term management of your office and environment

We would like to offer our services to attend to your individual need as a company to give your employees the best possible working environment to improve their health and cater to their wellness needs.

Our Services

Vitality Fitness Assessments

Vitality Fitness Assessments

What is a Vitality Assessment?The Vitality Fitness Assessments give you an indication of how fit you are. It is a quick and easy assessment done by...



There are many benefits to engaging in exercise classes including peer support, exercise correction and some good old fashion fun. We offer a...