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The word ergonomic refers to something relating to or designed for the comfort and efficiency of the working environment.

Research has shown that neck pain is a significant problem in working individuals.  It has been predicted that every year, a minimum of 5% of the working population will develop neck disorders that recur persistently. In addition, depending on the occupation of the individual, up to 10% of these will experience one episode of neck pain that limits activity.  The evidence does suggest that the cause of work related neck pain is multifaceted, with poor workstation design being one component that can be modified and corrected.

Thus, an effective ergonomic setup is vital to ensure that each component combines fluently in order to create the ideal set up for the individual.

An Effective ergonomic setup

The benefits

Each person’s desk is set up to allow for proper placement and selection of the chair, desk, monitors as well as any additional accessories.

What are the benefits of having a proper work space setup?

  • Improved productivity.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Increased comfort while working with a reduction in aches and pains aggravated by work.
  • Potential work-related injuries associate with your work space may be prevented .