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One of the main principles of a Cybex test, is isokinetic testing, which is an exercise that provides a variable resistance to a movement of a joint at a constant speed with the assistance of specialised equipment.

Our biokineticists use this type of testing to measure muscle strength and identify potential harmful muscle weaknesses. Although the machine looks complex, it is designed on basic and simple principles to ensure comfort for the patient. The cybex software is able to analyse and print out a comprehensive report which guides our biokineticists through the rehabilitation process.

The theory behind isokinetic testing is isolated muscle movement. By isolating the muscle groups and testing how much they can handle and the biokineticist can identify where you are the weakest and what movements can be contributing to your pain.

The cybex also offers isometric, eccentric and passive range of motion settings, which can assist in improving range of motion, strength and stabilization of the joint. The system software uses on screen graphics as well as sound triggers and visual feedback to motivate patients during the session.

In order to design a rehab plan specific to your condition and to help your return to sport and work process as quickly and pain free as possible.

This state of the art equipment provides various programs for rehabilitation of the knee, ankle, hip as well as the shoulder, elbow and wrist