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*Please note: Our Buzz practice has moved. We are still inside the Buzz, just on the edge of the parking lot below the gym.


At Samantha Dunbar Inc our Physiotherapists and Biokineticists firmly believe that applied knowledge results in effective treatment.

This begins with self-understanding of the current condition and problems. We also have to remain relevant and up to date with the latest methods of treatment available. It is important that we relay the correct information to you as the patient. So the two main types of education that take place are:

In order to remain up to date and relevant, we are constantly up skilling ourselves with bi weekly tutorials  and group discussions where new methods of treatment as well as various modalities at our disposal for the treatment of difficult injuries are discussed.

We also engage in self learning in the form of online courses, extra curricular courses to further our knowledge for the ultimate goal of effective treatment for our patients.

This includes comprehensive discussions with patients helping them understand what is happening in their bodies as well as education on risk factors, behaviours and ways to manage and treat them. It is the patients right to understand their bodies to the best of their abilities.

Our therapists work hand in hand with their patients to set realistic and achievable goals which we work together towards, and tailor treatment plans according to the need of the patient.

We have a set structure which focuses on the following approach:

  • Actively seeking out the patients main problems and concerns.
  • Seeking patient perceptions by using appropriate and evidence based questioning models.
  • Exploring the patients existing knowledge, perceptions or beliefs about their conditions and presentations.
  • Discussing with the patient, their expectations relating to their management.
  • Appropriate referral to other practitioners when required.