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Gait & Running analysis is the visual observation of a patient as they walk or run.

This method is used by Physiotherapists and Biokineticists in order to study body movements, mechanics and muscle activity during the action of walking or running. These findings are used to treat any musculoskeletal dysfunctions that are found during assessment, mostly when individuals are compensating due to pain. Weight distribution problems can be detected through gait analysis as well as any other abnormalities.

Running Analysis

What you need to know

By looking at how your body moves while running as well as performing other specific movements, we are able to see which muscles or joints are compensating due to weakness in other muscles. We can then tailor make a strengthening program for you to ensure that your compensations decrease and therefore so will your risk of injury. By participating in a strengthening program specific to you, your running may become more efficient and relatively pain free.