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Medical treatment has taken on a more holistic and integrated approach towards treating a patient.

This approach considers drawing appropriately from multiple disciplines to help solve problems outside of normal boundaries of patient care and aids the medical practitioners in reaching solutions based on a new understanding of complex situations.

Traditionally, medical fields stick within their scope of thinking, assuming that any advice from other medical professionals can be seen as inappropriate. This tradition has sometimes been found not to work to the benefit of the wider public interest, and the multidisciplinary approach has recently become of interest to both government and private health organisations.

This method of patient care has proven to be more effective at determining the most appropriate care for a patient than traditional ways. Patient care has become more efficient and cost effective and results in better patient satisfactory.

The use of the term ‘multidisciplinary’ has in recent years been overtaken by the term ‘interdisciplinary’ for what is essentially holistic working by another name.