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All of our therapists are able to conduct a lung function test. A lung function test is a noninvasive, objective test and is also called a spirometry. A spirometry test is used to screen for diseases that affect the lungs such as COPD, asthma or exercise induced asthma.

A spirometry measures the amount of air a person’s lungs can hold as well as how forceful they can exhale and inhale. A spirometry can be used to help diagnose lung conditions such as asthma, exercise induced asthma, chronic pulmonary disease (COPD) and other conditions that affect breathing. Because a spirometry is objective data, it is helpful to monitor your lung condition and to ensure that your treatment for your lung condition is effective.  Your therapist will also be able to give you exercises to help improve your breathing as they are able to see on the spirometry results where in the breathing process your shortcomings are.

Spirometry procedure

What it entails

The spirometry takes about 15 minutes. Please ensure that you wear comfortable, non-restricting clothing. Don’t smoke 1 hour before the test and also don’t eat a big meal before the test as this may affect your results.  Our procedure is as follows:

  • Your therapist will explain how the spirometry works and what is expected of you..
  • You’ll be asked to wear a nose clip. This ensures that both nostrils are closed and so no air can escape.
  • You will be given a ‘practice round’ to make sure you understand the test .
  • The therapist will ask you to take a deep breathe in and then to exhale for at least 7 seconds and then inhale as sharply as possible for as long as possible. .
  • You’ll be asked to repeat this test 3 times to make sure it is accurate.