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Our physiotherapists and biokineticists use the Sensbalance as an objective measure for both balance and proprioception.

Balance is the ability to control your body’s position whilst it is stationary or moving. Proprioception is perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body without visual feedback. Balance and proprioception are key components to the fitness, strength, endurance and flexibility of the body and are abilities that we use in every day activities. The Sensbalance comprises of a board mounted on a hemisphere which connects to a computer and gives feedback on balance and proprioception. It can also be helpful in the rehabilitation of injuries of the lower leg or pelvic/ lumbar region as it provides feedback through rehabilitative games. The Sensbalance is a very useful tool in the rehabilitation process.

We usually use this tool:

  • After an ankle injury.
  • To see if a patient’s needs orthotics or if their orthotics are suitable to them.
  • To see if return to sport is suitable after a lower leg injury.
  • To see which shoes are more suitable for the patient. This is extremely important after having an ankle injury and the patient needs more stability in everyday activities.
  • Hip dissociation for lumbar and pelvic conditions