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11 Sep

Relief from sinus discomfort

Searching for ways to find relief from sinus discomfort? Look no further than the world of physiotherapy! If sinus issues have you feeling weighed down by congestion, pain, and pressure, physiotherapy offers a range of techniques to help you breathe easier and regain your comfort. Join us as we delve into how physiotherapy can provide targeted relief, enhance drainage, and guide you toward a more comfortable, congestion-free life.

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24 Jul

Dr Jerome Mampane interview

An interview with Dr Jerome from Sports Medicine Africa on the relationship between Doctors, Phyiotherapists and Biokineticists as well as some helpful tips during the Covid Pandemic.

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07 Jun

The Role of Physiotherapy in Breast Cancer Recovery

Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in South African women. Because of this, most people are affected by breast cancer, be it through a personal, or a loved one’s, diagnosis. Fortunately, due to the evolving management of breast cancer, survival rates have improved. Therefore, a larger focus needs to be put on improving the quality of life for women who have survived breast cancer.

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