Samantha Dunbar



Samantha Dunbar received her BSc Physiotherapy from WITS in 1999 and her MSc Physiotherapy from Stellenbosch in 2009. She completed her B.Com Sports Management in 1995 from RAU and her B.Com (Hons) Industrial Psychology from UNISA in 2005.

Samantha opened a private practice in 2001 in Boskruin, Johannesburg. Concentrating on out patients, pre/post-surgery rehabilitation and sports injuries. She has a special interest in back and neck rehabilitation including cranio-sacral therapy.

Samantha Dunbar Inc. currently has six practices throughout Johannesburg.

Samantha has assisted and lectured on the SPT course (JHB) in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 including OMT 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2022. She received the South African Business Women of the year award in 2011, in the professional category and South African Women of the year in 2018, in the category of most growth for a professional business.

Samantha was a member of the PhysioFocus committee since 2009 and Chairlady (2012 to 2019) and the Deputy Chair (2019-2020). Headed up the Practice Accreditation program for the SASP.

Samantha was the secretary of IPPTA, International Private Physical Therapy Association and was a director of the South African Private Practitioners Forum (SAPPF), representing PhysioFocus (the private practitioners of the South African Society of Physiotherapy).

Samantha is committed to continuous learning: learning something new every day. This commitment is portrayed in weekly and daily education with all staff of the practice – administration and professional. Mentorship to colleagues is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth, Samantha strives to be a good mentor.
Continuously striving to improve personal existing skills, including networking, attending conferences, seminars and events from medical stakeholders and the medical industry.

Samantha is passionate about giving back and contributing to our community.
Public speaking and advocating for my professional is another on of her personal goals.

We strive to reduce our environmental footprint adopting sustainable practices and reducing waste such as electronic notes and statements.

Samantha is a proud physiotherapist and medical practitioner.