Take a look at some of our highlights over the years including some sporting events and our social responsibility and community upliftment.

Social responsibility

Our role as physiotherapists and biokineticists are not just limited to assisting patients within our practises, but to also help those who require our services in lower income areas. We believe that it is also our responsibility to holistically treat people and to include preventative strategies to our approach of treatment.  Our main projects are done in partnership with Lion Park Primary School and Thabo Mbheki Day care centre which are facilities located on the outskirts of Cosmo City.

Crazy Crew

While we take pride in our commitment to excellence and hard work, we also believe in striking a balance between productivity and enjoying the journey together. This page is dedicated to showcasing the lighter, more vibrant side of our team – the moments when we come together to have fun, build connections, and create memories.

Wellness days

We recognize the importance of fostering a holistic approach to employee well-being. In addition to our commitment to professional growth, we believe in supporting the physical, mental, and emotional health of our team members. One of the ways we prioritize this is through our Wellness Days initiative. We view Wellness Days not just as a perk, but as an integral part of our commitment to a healthy and thriving workplace. By prioritising the well-being of your employees, we believe we can collectively contribute to a more engaged, motivated, and resilient team.

Sports events

We understand that the well-being of athletes is paramount, and that’s why we can offer comprehensive field-side care by our physiotherapists and biokineticists. This initiative is designed to provide immediate and effective medical support, ensuring athletes feel secure, confident, and ready to give their best performance.