Social Responsibility

Your physiotherapist might recommend electrotherapy as a treatment option as an additional tool to your rehabilitation and recovery. Using gentle and non-invasive devices designed to deliver customised levels of electrical stimulation to your body’s nerves, muscles, or tendons, your physiotherapist can harness the power of electrotherapy to treat injuries, promote healing, and offer pain relief.

Lion Park School

The focus is less on relaxation, and more on injury prevention and treatment, stretching and flexibility.

Lion Park Primary School, is located in the Thabo Mbheki village and has a pupil role of 1172 from grades 1-7, majority of which reside in the surrounding informal settlements with poor socio economic conditions.

Every week our physiotherapists and biokineticists conduct group sessions which are aimed at promoting and improving the following:

Health awareness and education.


Strength training and conditioning.

Balance and co-ordination.

Assisting sporting coaches and teachers to prepare for competitions.

Assisting in developing the schools sporting infrastructure.

Thabo Mbeki Day-care centre

The Thabo Mbheki Day-care centre is also located within the Thabo Mbheki village and has about 30 children aged 0-6 years old. The facility is an NGO which is run by Mr Jeffery Mabadi. The team at Samantha Dunbar Inc assist the facility with the following:

Assisting with food supplies to ensure proper nutrition.

Promoting and devolving fine and gross motor skills.

Assisting staff with educational materials and games.

Food garden project.

Assisting with security of the premises.

Assisting with water supplies and maintenance and cleaning of the facility.

Our Services

Comprehensive Assessment

Comprehensive Assessment

Physiotherapists and Biokineticists are first line practitioners. This means that you do not need a referral in order to be assessed and receive...

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

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Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic Pain Treatment

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Shockwave Treatment

Shockwave Treatment

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