Since things are slowly returning back to normal, more and more people are getting back to the gym and to playing sports. As a result we have seen a big increase in people coming through our doors with injuries from doing too much too soon.

 Here are some tips on how to return to exercise and sport safely.


  • Ease back in

    • After as little as 48 hours of inactivity our muscles start getting weaker. This means that even after a short period of inactivity we need to build our strength back up slowly. This means that when starting exercise or a sport again you can’t start where you were pre-lockdown.
    • Decrease the intensity by at least 50% and slowly increase the intensity each week. Following this process means that your body can build up its strength again, therefore decreasing risk of injury


  • Don’t push yourself

    • Your body is very good at compensating when doing difficult things. That often makes us think that we can do more than is safe for our bodies.
    • So don’t be fooled – you might feel good during your first session, but you are definitely putting yourself at risk of injury if starting up too hard and fast again.


  • Nutrition

    • It is no secret that most of us let our hydration and nutrition slip during lockdown. A poorly nourished and hydrated body is more at risk of injury.
    • Make sure to get in enough vitamins, minerals and water when starting up your sport or exercise again.


  • Stretching

    • The strange reality of lockdown has meant that most of us have stopped moving as much and have spent most of our time sitting. As a result, our muscles have become shorter and tighter.
    • This means that we need to pay special attention to stretching our muscles pre-exercise or sport to make sure we are as mobile as we were pre-lockdown
    • Pay special attention to your hamstrings, hip flexors, middle and upper back and shoulder muscles.


  • Don’t be too hard on yourself

    • When you haven’t done something for a while it’s easy to get frustrated if you’re not where you used to be. This can ruin the enjoyment of the activity and cause you to push too hard.
    • Be kind to yourself. Acknowledge that you haven’t done that activity for a while and your body is going to take some time to adapt.


Remember, if you are struggling to get back to exercise or find that you keep getting injured – we are here to help. Contact your physiotherapist or biokineticist to help you get back to your sport or exercise safely.