Lock down has forced many of us to adapt and work from home. Add to this online schooling and, well, challenging doesn’t even begin to describe it. As a result we are seeing more and more people struggling with pain from inadequate work environments and spaces. This is why we think it’s important that everybody get educated on ergonomics, because prevention is better than cure.


Ergo – WHAT NOW??

The process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them, is called ergonomics. This aims to learn about human abilities and limitations, which is then applied to improving people’s interaction with products, systems and their environments.


So why should we have correct ergonomics?

· You lowers your risk of musculoskeletal disorders and injuries

· It can decrease your stress

· Helps you focus

· Improves productivity and workplace engagement.

Why should I worry about my ergonomically incorrect dining room work set up?

· An ergonomic injury can decrease your productivity

· This can lead to headaches and migraines

· You stand an increased chance of musculoskeletal injuries, which can lead to resentment towards work

· Ergonomics can have a significant impact on both the individual, and the organisation as a whole

Here are some helpful tips to improve your ergonomics both at home and work:

· Ensure a correct set up of: Desk, chair & Monitor

· Support your arms at all times with the elbows close to your body, and the shoulders relaxed

· Sit in a chair with adequate back support and make sure you have enough leg room

· Give yourself short breaks every 30-45 minutes

To get a setup that is tailored for you, please contact your Biokineticist or physiotherapist today!