We can all agree that moving our bodies is important, not only for our physical well-being but for our mental and emotional well-being too. Being physically active can also be a big component of our social lives, whether it be a run or walk club, hockey team, cycling or gym classes.

Since our population’s life expectancy has increased, we need to make sure that physical activity amongst the elderly is a priority.

So what are some benefits of physical activity?

Fall prevention

Falls are a very common cause of injuries in the elderly. As we grow older, our fear of falling increases. It has been found that doing 50 hours of balance training and strengthening, helps in reducing the risk of falling in the elderly. This gives you the confidence you need to go about your daily activities without fear of hurting yourself.

Cardiovascular and Muscle strengthening

Your exercise routine should have a good balance of cardiovascular and strength training which is ideal for you. A dosage of 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week has been found to be most effective. This has an added benefit in managing chronic cardiovascular diseases, strokes and diabetes.

Maintaining social presence

Our need for social engagement does not diminish as we grow older. Participating in group activities can assist you in maintaining social interactions which have a positive effect on your mental health.

Maintenance of independence

We all enjoy being independent. As we age, we may become more reliant on others for assistance with doing tasks that may have seemed relatively easy to do before. Being physically active helps you preserve yourself, and improve your motor function and control, so that lifting your grandchild or replacing a lightbulb does not seem like an impossible task.


Ageing is a natural process – it does not make you fragile. Rather, it merely calls for you to make some necessary adjustments to include some physical activity in your daily life. Do not underestimate yourself, after all, age is just a number. Put your mental health and quality of life first.