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*Please note: Our Buzz practice has moved. We are still inside the Buzz, just on the edge of the parking lot below the gym.
22 Dec

New Years Resolution? Stick to my exercise routine!

As the year nears to an end, many of us are coming up with ways to become our best selves in 2022. For most of us, this includes starting, or re-starting, our exercise routine. Now, I’m sure we can all agree, starting is the easy part. But sticking to the routine? That’s the tough part. Keep reading to find out more

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04 Jan

How to stick to your new exercise programme!

As the new year roles in, exercising will be on top of many of our resolution lists. A key component of exercise success is to stick to your routine. How?

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07 Jun

I helped save a life today! How? I donated blood.

Donating blood is an easy way to make a difference to those that are in need! Despite this, less than 1% of South African’s are active blood donors.
Why is it important to donate blood?

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