There are a total of 360 joints in the body!

When your joints are healthy and pain free, these important systems might go unnoticed. It may only be when you experience a bit of pain or stiffness that you appreciate the important role that they play in our everyday life.
It is essential to actively keep our joints healthy, as this may be the difference between jumping out of bed in the morning, or rolling out of bed with stiffness and pain. Keep reading to find out how you can keep your joints healthy.


And do this regularly. Exercise helps increase blood flow to your joints, therefore keeping the tissues healthy and full of nutrients. The increased blood flow can also assist with healing if there is any wear and tear or damage to the joints. Exercise strengthens the muscles surrounding your joints in order to help and support them, as well as can help you lose weight, which also helps decrease the stress on your joints.

Ensure correct ergonomics.

When at work and home, ensure good ergonomics that promotes a good posture. Poor ergonomics and prolonged postures can increase strain put on your joints throughout the day, resulting in stiffness and pain. Chat to your physiotherapist or biokineticist about how to set up your workspace correctly.
Lose weight. Excessive body weight can worsen joint health due to the increased strain placed on the joint. It has been shown that 1 kg of extra weight can add up to 4kgs of extra stress on your knee joints. You may be able to lose some weight by following a healthy diet, and regular exercise. Make sure to talk to your doctor before starting your weight loss journey. You can also consider talking to a dietician for advice on your diet, and a biokineticist, who can assist you with safe exercise for weight loss.

Eat a healthy diet.

It is essential to get enough calcium, vitamin D and vitamin C to keep your bones and joints healthy. Ensure that you are eating foods rich in calcium, such as broccoli and nuts. Vitamin D can be found in foods such as egg yolks and meats, but can also be obtained by getting some sunlight! Make sure to munch on some fruits, such as oranges, kiwi and pineapple to get your required dose of vitamin C.

Quit smoking.

Smoking has been shown to have a negative effect on the tissues in our body, such as our bones, cartilage, tendons and muscles. It has also been shown to increase the inflammation in our body. This can result in stiff and painful joints. It is a major lifestyle factor that affects many parts of our body!
Healthy joints are essential for our day to day activities. Follow these tips to actively work on maintaining your joint health.