Let’s get those baby bumps looking good for summer! But more importantly, let’s keep you and baby super healthy during pregnancy and beyond!

During pregnancy, there are many different changes that happen to your body. Therefore, keeping it flexible, strong and maintaining overall fitness is important to manage these changes.

Is it safe to exercise while pregnant?

This is a question you should definitely discuss with your doctor. If you are healthy and there are no complications with your pregnancy, you can generally continue with your regular physical exercise. However, make sure to get an OK from your health care practitioner.

Why should I exercise while pregnant?

For the moms to be:

– Improves physical fitness
– Improves mood
– Reduces risk of gestational diabetes
– Can assist with labor and recovery time
– It can help relieve lower back and pelvic pain
– It helps relieve constipation

For the baby:

– Boosts brain health
– Reduces chances of diabetes

What types of exercises are good to do while pregnant?

– Walking – a brisk walk can give your whole body good exercise
– Swimming and water workouts – The water will help support your weight to avoid any injury to joints and muscles. Ask your physiotherapist or biokineticist if they offer hydro classes!
– Modified Pilates – Modified pilates will help you focus your breathing, as well as strengthen your muscles in positions that accommodate your pregnant belly. Chat to your physiotherapist or biokineticist to find out if the offer preggy pilates classes!

So, after reading this, I recommend you ask your doctor ‘Am I safe to exercise during my pregnancy?’ at your next visit. If the answer is yes, contact your biokineticist or physiotherapist to help design an individualized and safe programme for you and your baby.