With over 15 muscles working together, the hip is one of the most mobile parts of our body. So, one can imagine, that stiffness and pain in the hip may result in an avalanche of problems.

It is generally good to strengthen the hip, but we cannot neglect mobility. Our current lifestyle leads us to spend more time sitting, which affects hip mobility by causing muscle imbalances.

Here are some benefits of healthy and mobile hips:

Preventing lower back and knee pain

Tightness in the hips hinders our full range of motion. When we lack enough range of movement in the hips, we may compromise our lower backs and knees because of overcompensation.

Improvement in performance

Improved hip mobility can ensure that we have enough flexibility to strengthen the muscles around our hips at the end of range of motion. This can increase power, coordination and balance, which ultimately improves athletic performance.

Mobile hips age better

Regaining and maintaining good hip mobility while we are younger can help in preventing and reducing immobility problems as we age.  Many factors may contribute to hip pain as we age like arthritis, osteoporosis, and weakness in our muscles.  Good mobility and strength in the hips can prevent this.

Mobility exercises for healthy hips

It is important to do exercises which target all the muscles involved in hip movements. Here is a link to a step-by-step video explaining some ways to work on your hip mobility